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1. Making Cambodian Driver's License

Making a Cambodian Driver’s License by converting from your National or International Driver’s License. Our office will do it for your within a few minutes after then you can start driving a car around Cambodia immediately.



2. Leaving one of the Hirer's National or International Driver's Licenses

Leaving one of a valid Driver's Licenses for showing to the Ministry of Plublic Work and Transport as a proof and for the conversion into the Cambodian one.

3. Leaving Passport

Leave one of your valid Passports with entry business visa to show to the General Department of Public Work and Transport as a proof and also for the Insurance Company.

4. Refundable Deposit

The Refundable Deposit in the amount between $500.00 to $1,000.00 according to the years and models of the vehicles.

5. Car Breakdown Assistance

The car breakdown coverage areas for a self-drive is 50km limitation from Phnom Penh radius, the assitance is free of charge. Beyond the 50km away from Phnom Penh radius, the Hirer will be responsible for fixing and pay all the related cost. In the contrary, if the Hirer does not want to get it repaired at the spot, the Hirer could get it towed into Phnom Penh, the Hirer will pay only the towing fee, the Owner will take full responsibility to get it repaired or restored. 

6. e-Visa or Tourist Visa

e-Visa or Tourist Visa could not make Cambodian Driver's License. If Hirer could not make the Cambodian Driver's License, the Hirer could not rent a car for a self-drive with insurance coverage. Please always ask for the Business Visa on the arrival at the airport's checkpoint or at any land checkpoint at the border. The Business Visa costs just only $5.00 different from e-Visa or Tourist Visa. The Hirer must always ask for Business Visa, because the Hirer will never know what will happen and/or you may be asked to delay longer stay more than one month. In another case, the Hirer could also ask to renew the Business Visa for another month or even a-one-year stay and/or can looking for a job in Cambodia. 


There are many types of International Driver's Licenses, but we raise up only two of them for the consideration.

7.1. Convention On Road Traffic on 8 November 1968

It is the one that did not mention to which countries the bearer could drive a car and also the one that the Royal Government of Cambodia does not accept. If the bearer would like to do a self-drive, please do not accept this one for your country. It is useless in Cambodia.

In the case that the bearer had this one on hand, and then would like to drive a car in Cambodia, the bearer may have to take a car for a self-drive at his/her own risk and without insurance coverage.

7.2. Convention On Road Traffic on 19 September 1949

It is the one that mentioned to many countries that the bearer could do a self-drive. The Royal Government of Cambodia does also accept it. If the bearer would like to do a self-drive, please obtain this one for your country. It is useful in Cambodia for a self-drive.


1. The quoted prices [FUEL] is not included – Firstly, Lyna-CarRental.Com’s office will supply the Hirer a full tank of [FUEL]. 

2. The [HIRER] will refill it when it is necessary. On the last day of the Service, the [HIRER] is requested to refill the tank of [FUEL] in full.

3. UNLIMITED MILEAGE: Locations and Destinations 

4. Petrol:  The grade must be 95 (Super or Gold) from the recommended Station, such as: PTT, CALTEX, and TOTAL, not the rest or from the street vendors . . .

5. Diesel: The Hirer could take from any station, but not the street vendors 


1. The supplied vehicle is always in good condition, with a full tank of fuel, spare wheel, lifting jack, tools and wheel spanner. The Hirer shall return the vehicle with the same level of fuel and the same good condition. We strongly advise the use of premium recognized brand of fuel and lubricants only.

2. The Hirer shall pay to Owner USD1,000.00 as a security deposit (Refundable Deposit) for daily and monthly rental for each rented vehicle as an advance payment before the delivery of vehicle(s) by cash or by Credit Cards (Visa, Western Union, and/or ACLEDA Unity) at Lyna-CarRental.Com’s Office. The security deposit is to cure any breach of the rental agreement. When all obligations of Hirer under the rental agreement are fully performed, the security deposit shall be returned to Hirer in 100 per cent, if no any breach of rental agreement.

3. All vehicles are insured through insurance company (in Cambodia territory only) for full comprehensive insurance cover includes:

3.1. Third Party Liability (TPL)
3.2. Own Damage (OD), 
3.3. Theft
3.4. Passenger Liability (PL), and 
3.5. Accident to the Driver (AD)

4. An insurance excess/deductible is between US$50.00 to US$100.00 per accident and per case. 

5. In case of loss and/or stolen of the whole vehicle. Hirer shall pay an additional 20% of the insured value of the vehicle.

6. When the vehicle breakdown, Lyna-CarRental.Com shall replace another vehicle with free of charge. 

7. In case the vehicle is breakdown by accident, there will be a transfer fee based on mileage USD0.7 per kilometer.

8. The Hirer shall pay the repair fee set by the Owner if the damage caused by the Hirer’s abuse and is not covered by the insurance.

9. Any loss in excess not covered by the insurance policy over the vehicles will be covered by Hirer.  This will be referred to herein as self-insurance (“Self Insurance”). The Hirer shall pay Owner the excess loss within 5-working days. Late payment shall be charged at 17% of the payment, per annum.

10. During the term of this rental, Hirer shall maintain the vehicles with Lyna-CarRental.Com assigned garage workshops and at a minimum Lyna-CarRental.Com a monthly inspection of the vehicles undertaken by Lyna-Garage.Com or its partners.

11. Hirer shall use and operate the vehicles only in the regular and ordinary course of its normal business operation, within its normal capacity, and in accordance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.

12. The vehicles shall be used only by skilled operators, in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions without abuse, and in a manner contemplated by the manufacturer, and Hirer shall not, make any modification, alteration or addition to the vehicles without the express written consent of Owner.

13. Hirer shall do at its own expense maintain the vehicles in good operating condition repair and appearance, taking into account normal wear and tear over which Hirer has no control, and shall use all reasonable precaution to prevent damage, injury or theft with regard to the vehicles.

14. Owner shall have the rights at any time to carry out inspection of the vehicle, and shall be entitled, should Owner be of the option that there is evidence of neglect or abuse of the vehicles, to terminate the rental agreement, and/or to effect, at the expense of Hirer, any repairs or maintenance Owner considers necessary.

15. The principal physical location of storage of the vehicles for the evening shall be at the lot of Hirer’s address. This location shall not be changed without the Owner’s prior written consent.

16. From delivery of the vehicles to Hirer until such time as the vehicles may be returned to and accepted by Owner. Hirer shall assume and bear the entire risk of loss, damage, theft and destruction of the vehicles. No loss, damage, theft or destruction of the vehicles shall relieve Hirer in any way from  its obligations under the rental agreement. Hirer shall promptly notify Owner in writing of any loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the vehicle.

17. Throughout the term of the rental agreement, the vehicles, shall remain in the possession and under the control of Hirer, and shall not be sublet to or used by any third party, and the rights and obligations of Hirer under the rental agreement shall not be assigned.

18. Hirer shall indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any liability, loss, injury, damage, cost and expense (including all taxes, duties, registrations, tickets, registration fees, and attorney’s fees) of any kind whatsoever arising in connection with the vehicles. This indemnity shall not be affected or terminated by reason of the termination of the rental agreement for any reason.

19. Taking the vehicles out of the country or jurisdiction where Hirer accepted delivery of the vehicles is prohibited.

20. Using vehicle for unlawful purposes is strictly unacceptable by SL Car Rental Group and Hirer shall be liable to any charge according to the law of the Royal Government of Cambodian.

21. The Owner reserves the rights to take the vehicles back at any time if the Hirer fails to perform his obligations and terms of agreement.

22. Guarantor (if any) shall be responsible for the term and condition of the agreement in case any problem caused by the Hirer.

23. Upon completion of the term of the rental agreement and if the Hirer does not return the vehicles, the agreement will automatically renew on a day-to-day basis based on the rental type accordingly, at the fair market rental amount, as determined by the Owner. This will continue until the vehicle is returned to Owner.

24. PROHIBITION: No transport seafood, durian, smoke in the car are allowed. No open the window on the dusty road, otherwise, you will be imposed to charge...


No Durian allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Smoking allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Seafood allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Open the windows while driving on the dusty road. US$100.00 will be imposed.
Loss of key – USD80.00 including remote controller re-installation


Weekday: Monday – Saturday 
Weekend: Sunday is closed
Working Hours: 08h00 - 17h00


Gary Bevan Said :

Dear Savongz and Lyna Thank you for your reply. Your garage undertook the repairs for me and I am very happy with the level of work and the service given. Regards Gary Bevan
Jeannine GISSINGER Said :

I prepare a trip In Cambodia We want to rent a car with driver We are 4 or 6 friends Is it possible to rent the same vehicle with driver on Cambodia and Laos We would like to make an extension to 4000 islands Thanks for your kind reply Jeannine Gissinger
Tim James Said :

Dear Mrs LYNA TAN. Awareness Cambodia has a good relationship with Lyna Garage and you have maintained to a high standard our organisation’s and our personal vehicles. I would like to introduce you to one of our projects for you to consider. To promote and encourage education in rural Cambodia, each year Awareness Cambodia’s project A CASE 4 CHANGE provides school backpacks filled with study materials to primary school children in Cambodia. Each year, we normally provide over 1500 students with supplies to study. For every $15 donated, Awareness Cambodia will print backpacks with the donor’s logo or name and, in cooperation with the Cambodian government, distribute the study supplies to government primary schools. Cambodian donors will be supporting and encouraging education of rural children in their own country. The provision of simple school supplies can assist to keep a child in school and interested in learning, a key in developing Cambodia’s human resources and the country as a whole. All donors will have their business or organisation logo distributed through the Cambodian community, helping to increase your profile and to show the community your willingness to share and support education. All donors will be promoted on Awareness Cambodia’s social media, which has over 2000 followers. Please consider supporting this exciting project that can make a difference to child’s life and ultimately, the whole of Cambodia. We are happy to discuss this further with you, or anyone you know who are interested to partner with this project. Donations will need to be received by the end of May and Case 4 Change distribution happens in July. Kind regards Tim James | Country Director Awareness Cambodia Office: House 224, St 351, Sangkat Niroth, Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh Mail: PO Box 2131 Phnom Penh 3 M: +855 77 871 205 | T: +855 23 982 392 | E: | W:
Christopher Carafino Said :

Hello Ms. Lyna: Thank you for your reply. I have visited Cambodia many times, that is why I fell to rent a car for a few days and drive locally is safe for me. I will stay again at the Cambodia Country Club and drive out to the shooting range. Also visit the Animal Rescue Park. I will not drive out from the local area. I understand the holiday is approaching. I will do my best to arrive before or after the holiday. Please tell me about the temporary drivers license or requirement I need, the cost, etc. Please tell me about the total cost for deposit of the car and please tell me about the Toyota rave or similar. I appreciate your help. Thank you. Christopher Carafino +62 81237891512 +1 323 275 1275
Mr Sergei Logutov Said :

Dear Savongz Meas! I couldn't find any cars for rent in Siem Reap, so I decided to return to your offer. Is it still available? I will return the car to Phnom Penh by myself, so I'll need extra 100$ for car delivery in Siem Reap airport, correct? Thank you. С уважением Логутов Сергей +7 926 111 93 26 skype: sergemaxim viber whatsapp Шоурил:
Ms Trevor Shelley Said :

Mrs Tan, I am back in Brisbane to tie up some matters and will be back in Phnom Penh on the 15th March. I will just delay a bit on the leasing as I may purchase a vehicle outright. I would like to hire a vehicle though for Khmer New Year. Not quite sure of the dates but I think Pick up on the 13th April 2017 and return on the 18th April 2017 would cover the period. The vehicle I had last year was your green Mitsubishi Montero LS which performed admirably. Would you have something similar available to hire over that period Regards and God Bless Trevor Shelley
Mr Alan Galloway Said :

I will be visiting Cambodia August 29 through September 6 and will need a driver and a van. I used your company in 2007 and was very pleased with the service. The dirver's name was Khim Daravuth and it would be wonderful if he could be our driver this time. We will primarily be visiting the SW part of Cambodian in the Cardamom mountains. Could you give me a quote on the cost? thanks, Alan
Jean-Pierre Vidal Said :

Dear Mrs Lyna Tan, Thank you for your e-mail and your kind wishes. I was going to write to you anyway to let you know how satisfied we have been with your services: your promptitude in answering our enquiries, the choice of the car which was very comfortable and met our requirements, and last, but not least, Mr Vathana Hong: he has been an excellent driver, very professional, perfectly punctual, very efficient and helpful, driving safely: thank him again for us. We wish him all the best. In short: we shall not hesitate to recommend your company if we know someone wishing to tour Cambodia. Yours truly, Jean-Pierre Vidal
Brother Ben Martinez Said :

Hello, I was very pleased about my last car rental, the Montero 7 passenger, on August 18th. 2016. I am planning on buying a car for the Village of English School in Kampong Speu Province. Their needs are basic, a small car for shopping, etc. Perhaps a small SUV or sedan? What do you suggest? Blessings, Ben Martinez Sent from Windows Mail
Kevin Maxwell Said :

Dear Mrs Lyna, Many thanks for your kind message. I will certainly contact you again when I next return to beautiful Cambodia. Wishing you every success for your business. Kind regards Kevin Maxwell
Vladislav BULGAKOV Said :

Dear Mr Savongz! I would like to thank you once again for your car rental service. I hope my Cambodian driving license is ready now and you can send it to me. Postage fee I already paid for your employee. My address is: VLADISLAV BULGAKOV 14 A TURGENEV ST. APT 16 SIMFEROPOL, RUSSIA ZIP CODE 295017 E-mail: Thank you. Sincerely Vladislav
Herr Svensson Said :

Car Rental without driver, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 04 February 2012, 2:56 Car Rental Lyna Car. I and a friend visited Cambodia during three weeks in November 2011. We drove Phnom Penh - Kratie - Banlung - Stung Treng - ferry to Thala Barivat - Prasat Preah Vilhar - Siem Reap - Kampot - Kep - Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh. I found this company browsing the Internet for car rental in Cambodia. None of the international companies as Hertz, Avis etc. have offices there. On their website they give all information about rules and how to obtain Cambodia Driving License. They don’t acknowledge international (or other) driving licenses in Cambodia. So after some e-mail I booked a 4-wheel drive Mitsubishi Montero, about four month before we arrived in Phnom Penh. About their website, the standard is not the best, but all the information you need is there. The office/garage can be hard to find, because the Cambodian way of number their houses (not in straight sequence as we do). But you can ask them to pick you up from your hotel. It takes about three to four weeks to get a Driving license, but in the mean time Lyna Car arrange a temporary Driving Licence. It cost us 45 USD. Lyna car also ask for a deposit of 300 USD and your Passport (or 1 500 USD instead of the Passport). They also gave us some advice, how to conduct in different situations. The first problem we had with the driving in Cambodia was the lack of road signs. (OK we have been driving in Africa, Beirut and Athens for example). And we also decided not to drive after dark in the countryside. When you come here you understand why. The second problem we had (aside from the lack of road signs) were that the Police stopped us one time, and demanded a fine of 10 000 Riel (it’s about two and a half USD) up front. We received a written receipt and the Police told us it was something wrong with the rental papers (I think!!). The Lyna Car people had warned us about things like that can happened, and told us not to argue, only pay and smile. It is the way of some Polices to collect some extra money according to Lyna Car. When we returned our car and told about the incident they offered to pay our fine. I warmly recommend this Rental Company HerrSvensson Stockholm, Sweden
Supranee Chantasoot (Joy) Said :

Hi Lyna, Thank you very much for your good support. Now I am in Thailand and will back to there soon. SUPRANEE CHANTASOOT (JOY ) AEON TOPVALU (THAILAND) CO., LTD. ITF Tower II, 21st Fl., 140/48 Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand Mobile : +66-87-021-6021 Email : Web :
John Thomas Koreskes Said :

Hello! I will be in Cambodia on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 and have heard great things about your business!!! I will look to come in and hire a car and also get a provisional drivers licence. Thank you! John
David Liu Said :

Hi, thanks for the wonderful service and wonderful driver. I will get your service everytime I go to Cambodia. David Liu Tel: 089666134 E-mail: Skype ID: david liu
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