Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions


  1. Driver’s Business Days and Hours:  Monday to Saturday and 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with 1 hour and 30 minutes break for lunch.
  2. Sunday: Closes – If any require the driver to work on Sunday, you will be requested to pay US$10.00 extra as an extra payment for the driver working on Sunday besides the normal working days
  3. Overtime Rate (OT):  USD3.00 per hour shall be applicable before 7:00 a.m. and/or after 6:00 p.m. Payable to the owner at the end of the next payment of the month or after the finishing of the short-term services or at the end of your short trip. It will be indicated in the next invoice or at the time of returning the car and driver.
  4. Driver’s Rental Rates or Daily Subsistance Allowance - (DSA): Between $20.00 to $35.00 per day upon their qualifications and experience. Their rates are mentioned in the table on the website. The price is included his daily meal and accommodation outside the normal duty stations.
  5. There are 12 Public Holidays during a whole year. If you would like to use the service of the driver on the following holidays you will be requested to additionally pay $10.00:
    1. International New Year Day - January 1 ( 1 day)
    2. Cambodian New Year Days - April 13 | 14 | 15 (3 days)
    3. National Pchum Ben Days - September . . . (3 days)
    4. Water Festival Days - November . . . (3 days)
    5. Christmas Days - December 24 - 25 (2 days)
  6. Lyna-CarRental.Com and its driver reserves the rights to refuse to enter dangerous places or otherwise unsuitable situations and conditions should the Hirer or its clients request to take the vehicle to such dangerous places or unsuitable situations and conditions.
  7. Since, we are hiring out a vehicle with Unlimited Mileages, most of our vehicles are always in full tank of fuel and the Hirer shall return the vehicle with the same level of fuel. We strongly advise the use of premium grade and recognized brand of fuel and lubricants only.
  8. Lyna-CarRental.Com is responsible for maintenance and repair of defects from manufacturer that occur during normal usage of the vehicle, other than that cause directly as a result of the Hirer taken vehicle into a dangerous places or otherwise unsuitable situations and road’s conditions.
  9. Each service includes engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and labor charges (in Phnom Penh). Any extra charge as mentioned of the specified Lyna-CarRental.Com and its partner’s services maintenance program will be paid by the Hirer.
  10. In case the vehicle can’t come to service at Phnom Penh, the Owner will provide the service to maintenance at the site through Lyna-CarRental.Com and service maintenance program only, but the Hirer must pay for transfer fee of replacement vehicle including (the technicians daily fee, fuel, food, accommodation, overtime, and round-trip means of transport etc . . . ).


  1. The vehicles are supplied in good condition, with a full tank of fuel, spare wheel, lifting jack, tools and wheel spanner. The Hirer shall return the vehicle with the same level of fuel and the same level of good condition. We strongly advise the use of premium recognized brand of fuel and lubricants only.
  2. The Hirer shall pay to Owner USD1,000 security deposit (Refundable Deposit) for daily and weekly rental for each rented vehicle as an advance payment before the delivery of vehicles by cash or by Credit Cards (Visa, Western Union, and/or ACLEDA Unity) at Lyna-CarRental.Com's Office. The security deposit is to cure any breach of the rental agreement. When all obligations of Hirer under the rental agreement are fully performed, the security deposit shall be returned to Hirer in 100 per cent, if no any breach of rental agreement.
  3. All vehicles are insured through insurance company (in Cambodia territory only) for full comprehensive insurance cover includes: 3.1.Third Party Liability (TPL), 3.2.Own Damage (OD), 3.3.Theft, 3.4.Passenger Liability (PL), and 3.5.Accident to the Driver (AD)
  4. An insurance excess/deductible is between US$500.00 to US$1,000.00 per accident case. In case of loss and/or stolen of the whole vehicle, Hirer shall pay an additional 20% of the insured value of the vehicle.
  5. When the vehicle breakdown, Lyna-CarRental.Com shall replace another vehicle with free of charge. In case the vehicle is break down by accident, there will be a transfer fee based on mileage USD0.55 per kilometer.
  6. The Hirer shall pay the repair fee set by the Owner if the damage caused by the Hirer’s abuse and is not covered by the insurance.
  7. Any loss in excess not covered by the insurance policy over the vehicles will be covered by Hirer. This will be referred to herein as self-insurance (“Self Insurance”). The Hirer shall pay Owner the excess loss within 5-working days. Late payment shall be charged at 17% of the payment, per annum.
  8. During the term of this rental, Hirer shall maintain the vehicles with Lyna-CarRental.Com's garage workshop and at a minimum Lyna-CarRental.Com a monthly inspection of the vehicles undertaken by Lyna-CarRental.Com's Center.
  9. Hirer shall use and operate the vehicles only in the regular and ordinary course of its normal business operation, within its normal capacity, and in accordance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations.
  10. The vehicles shall be used only by skilled operators, in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions without abuse, and in a manner contemplated by the manufacturer, and Hirer shall not, make any modification, alteration or addition to the vehicles without the express written consent of Owner.
  11. Hirer shall do at its own expense maintain the vehicles in good operating condition repair and appearance, taking into account normal wear and tear over which Hirer has no control, and shall use all reasonable precaution to prevent damage, injury or theft with regard to the vehicles.
  12. Owner shall have the rights at any time to carry out inspection of the vehicle, and shall be entitled, should Owner be of the option that there is evidence of neglect or abuse of the vehicles, to terminate the rental agreement, and/or to effect, at the expense of Hirer, any repairs or maintenance Owner considers necessary.
  13. The principal physical location of storage of the vehicles for the evening shall be at the lot of Hirer’s address. This location shall not be changed without the Owner’s prior written consent.
  14. From delivery of the vehicles to Hirer until such time as the vehicles may be returned to and accepted by Owner. Hirer shall assume and bear the entire risk of loss, damage, theft and destruction of the vehicles. No loss, damage, theft or destruction of the vehicles shall relieve Hirer in any way from​  its obligations under the rental agreement. Hirer shall promptly notify Owner in writing of any loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the vehicle.
  15. Throughout the term of the rental agreement, the vehicles, shall remain in the possession and under the control of Hirer, and shall not be sublet to or used by any third party, and the rights and obligations of Hirer under the rental agreement shall not be assigned.
  16. Hirer shall indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any liability, loss, injury, damage, cost and expense (including all taxes, duties, registrations, tickets, registration fees, and attorney’s fees) of any kind whatsoever arising in connection with the vehicles. This indemnity shall not be affected or terminated by reason of the termination of the rental agreement for any reason.
  17. Taking the vehicles out of the country or jurisdiction where Hirer accepted delivery of the vehicles is prohibited.
  18. Using vehicle for unlawful purposes is strictly unacceptable by Lyna-CarRental.Com and Hirer shall be liable to any charge according to the law of the Royal Government of Cambodian.
  19. The Owner reserves the rights to take the vehicles back at any time if the Hirer fails to perform his obligations and terms of agreement.
  20. Guarantor (if any) shall be responsible for the term and condition of the agreement in case any problem caused by the Hirer.
  21. Upon completion of the term of the rental agreement and if the Hirer does not return the vehicles, the agreement will automatically renew on a day-to-day basis based on the rental type accordingly, at the fair market rental amount, as determined by the Owner. This will continue until the vehicle is returned to Owner.


No Durian allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Smoking allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Seafood allowed. US$100.00 will be imposed.
No Open the windows while driving on the dusty road. US$100.00 will be imposed.
Loss of key – USD80.00 including remote controller re-installation


Weekday: Monday – Saturday
Weekend: Sunday is closed
Working Hours: 08h00-17h00

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