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Hawaii Beach ឆ្នេរហាវ៉ៃ

Often overlooked, Hawaii Beach is a short 750 metre stretch of white sand under the shadow of Koh Pos, or Snake Island. It is much more popular with Cambodian families than tourists, which is why we liked it so much because wherever Cambodian families gather, you’ll always find good food.

The beach is split into two parts, one bare stretch overlooked by the large and rather characterless Emario Beach Resort, while the shady, tree-lined section to the south offers more animation. If the sea gets too salty for you though, the rather splendid infinity pool at Emario is accessible for a small fee of just $3.

Back in the shady part, you’re in the right spot for picking up some local grills and beers at the southernmost end or, if that seems a stretch, check out White Rabbit, an incredibly cute Russian restaurant that serves up a huge, huge menu of Khmer, Russian and Western dishes, as well as delicious.

The atmosphere across the beach was family-oriented and even during Khmer New Year, when much of the rest of Sihanoukville was mobbed, there was still acres of space to be found here. In May and June, it is also perfectly angled for quietly catching a sunset over a glass of wine from White Rabbit, or perhaps a nice cold can of Cambodia beer.

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