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Psar Leu Market ផ្សារលើ

The business district of Sihanoukville Cambodia is on a small hill with the beach areas of Serendipity, Ochheuteal, Sokha, Independence and Victory spread below like a skirt front, while our favorite beach Otres is 5 km away on the outskirts Phsar Leu or Market Upper is central in the upper town, and is so named because it is in the same district as Wat Leu (Wat Upper).  But don’t expect the Wat to be close by – it is 6km away.

You could argue that all Asian markets are the same and that we are all too familiar with photos from their fresh food sections.  We usually visit the markets to pick up our favorite fruit – Mangoes.  They must be more expensive than bananas and pineapples, because in Cambodia they never graced our (free) breakfast fruit platters.  Phsar Leu seemed a more user friendly version than some others, with the wide central walkway offering a chance of escape from the squeezy corridors.

Orchids on Poles.  We hadn’t seen this sight before.  Notice the jeans and shirt of the first girl as opposed to the traditional Pajama suit of the second.

At this and most markets it is possible to get clothes made or altered, watches or shoes fixed, purchase gold jewellery or the kitchen sink and eat gastronomic delights on a scale from insects to banana fritters.

But we had come to Phsar Leu looking for a gift.  My Dad loves shirts and has possibly kept every one he has ever owned.  He sometimes arrives at a family BBQ decked out in the cuffed trousers he wore sixty or more years ago – still in mint condition.  He was a bit of a looker back in the day and enjoyed dressing well, and at 88 years of age he still appreciates a new shirt.  He only has one non-negotiable request – they must have a pocket.

What use is a shirt without a pocket?

In Barcelona in 2012 we found him a shirt with not one, but two pockets, but so far Cambodia was playing hard to get.  Up and down aisles we walked, retracing our steps with no idea where we had or had not been, until out of the blue we found one.

A shirt with olive green flowers and prerequisite pocket for only 4AUD.

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