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Battambang Crocodile Farm កសិដ្ឋានចិញ្ចមក្រពើ ខេត្តបាត់​ ដំបង

The crocodile farms in Battambang are another must-do in the list for most travellers who visit Battambang.

It was $3/person to get in and you even get to hold a baby crocodile.

The monsoon rain was coming down in full force which made the experience of being in the farms a little more exciting and scary. When you’ve lived in a cold country like the UK where the rain is just bitter, the monsoon weather will just make you love the rain. It was like a warm shower and it’s a lot of fun to just stand out in it – just avoid it when there’s heavy thunder and lightning!

There are two farms within the same vicinity and owner. Our guide, Ayah, was part of the owner’s family. She apologised for her poor English although it was extremely articulate. She explained when the crocodiles are fed and how some of them need nursing.

This is when one of my friends, Renece, blurted out “So how do you kill them?”. I guess Ayah was used to that question. She said they simply inject the animals. The meat was sold to China while the crocodiles’ skin were sold to leather factories. She wouldn’t name the companies but said their customers were usually Italian buyers.

Crocodile farms are aplenty in Cambodia, which probably explains how there are so many shops in Siem Reap selling crocodile skin bags. One even has a picture of Angelina Jolie purchasing a bag from their store. Needless to say, the picture was framed front and centre of the shop.

Don’t expect a zoo-like atmosphere when you walk into these farms. It is quite a depressing sight. The crocodiles are bone idle and are all laid on top of each other. Some get into fights and literally snap each other’s jaws off. Only for their bodies to be split and shipped separately.


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