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Fishing Spot Bavel ឡូត៌នេសាទត្រី ស្រុកបវេល

 Dam fishing village commune, Bavel Bavel district, Battambang khmer Fishing spot Bavel Bavel district Battambang |02| កន្លែងរកត្រី នៅ ភូមិទំនប់ទឹក ឃុំបវេល ស្រុកបវេល ខេត្តបាត់ដំបង ភាគ០២ 25/10/2015 Fishing Cambodia, Cambodia fishing, Khmer people fishing, Fishing in lotus pond, fishing in lotus lake, Net fishing in lotus lake, net fishing in lotus pond, Fishing in lotus lake, Cambodia fishing tour, Khmer fishing tour, Fishing tour Cambodia, Net Fishing Cambodia, Fishing near Phnom Penh, Fishing net, Cambodia fishing net, Net fishing in rice field, Net fishing by Khmer people, Cambodia net fishing, Net fishing in rice field, Fishing with long fishing pole, Net fishing in Phnom Penh, Net fishing Mekong river, Net fishing on boat, Fishing Phnom Penh, Fishing at Krang Thnong, Cambodia Net Fishing, Fishing near village, Fishing at Kampong Speu, Net fishing Cambodia, Cambodia net fishing, Khmer net fishing, Net fishing Khmer, Cambodia fishing, fishing Cambodia, Khmer fishing, Khmer net fishing, Khmer cast net fishing, Dey Hoy Market, Boeung Chhouk Market, Cambodia fish, khmer fish, Cambodia fish market, khmer fish market, russian market, toulkork market, toul kok market, new market, orrusey market, old market, fishing at takeo, fishing at takeo province, fishing at kampong speu, takeo fishing, kampong speu fishing, takeo net fishing,

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