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Koh Sotin ស្រុកកោះសូទិន

Koh Sotin District (Khmer: ស្រុកកោះសុទិន) is a district (srok) located in Kampong Cham ProvinceCambodia. The district capital is Chi Haer town located around 10 kilometres south of the provincial capital of Kampong Cham by water, but some 42 kilometres by road. The district borders on the southern bank of the Mekong River and includes the islands of Koh Sothin and Koh Mitt in its area.

The district is easily accessed by boat from Kampong Cham. Road access however, is via 12 kilometres of secondary road to National road 11 and then a further 18 kilometres to the intersection with National Highway 7. From this intersection in Tbong Khmom District is it a further 12 kilometres west to the provincial capital. This small relatively narrow district follows the south bank of the Mekong for about 25 kilometres. As the district is low lying, much of the land area of the district is inundated when the Mekong rises during the wet season.


Koh Sotin district is in southern Kampong Cham Province. The Mekong runs along the northern border of the district and the district boundary includes the river itself to midstream. Reading from the north clockwise, Koh Sotin shares a border with Kang Meas and Kampong Siem districts to the north and the district of Kampong Cham to the north east. Tbong Khmom and Ou Reang Ou districts are to the east. To the south is Sithor Kandal district of Prey Veng Province and Srei Santhor district lies on the western boundary.

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