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Kizuna Bridge ស្ពានគីហ្សូណា

The Kizuna bridge (Khmer: ស្ពានគីសូណា) is a bridge on the Mekong River in the town of Kampong Cham and in the district of Kampong Cham.

It was opened in 2001 and was the first bridge to be built over the Mekong river in Cambodia.[1] Construction of the bridge was funded by a $56 million grant from the Japanese government. At 1500 metres it was the longest bridge in Cambodia until the construction of the Koh Kong Bridge, a 1900 metre Thai-Cambodian bridge in Koh Kong built in 2002.[2] The Kizuna bridge links eastern and western Cambodia by road for the first time. Construction of the bridge began in 1999 and took three years to complete. An estimated 10,000 people crowded the bridge for the opening ceremony.[3]

Before the Kizuna bridge was available, travel between the two sections of the country was difficult and slow.

The Kizuna bridge, in Kampong Cham province, plays a significant part in opening up road travel in Cambodia.

  • The Kizuna bridge was funded by the Japanese at a cost of 56 million dollars.
  • It took 3 years to build.
  • The bridge is 1,500 metres long and 12 metres wide.
  • Kizuna means ‘tie.’
  • It has a clearance of 15 metres at high tide.
  • It was the first bridge ever built over Cambodia’s Mekong.
  • 2 people died in its construction.
  • The Kizuna bridge was opened by Prime Minister, Hun Sen, in 2001.

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