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Prek Romdoul ព្រែករំដួល

Prek Romdoul Resort is a lost resort at Kampot Provine. It's the same entrance road to Bokor Mountain Resort or Bokor National Park but it's just about 2kilometers from the entrance, there is a railways, we can turn left after the railways on a small road for about 5 kilometers to Prek Romdoul Resort. Why I called it a Lost Resort? because, not so many people know this resort, it's used have cottages, serving foods but now the cottages are broken, and no foods serve. We need to bring our own foods. It's a nice resort with beautiful nature, lots of rocks, and flowing water. 

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A beautiful and natural resort in Cambodia at Kampot Province, it's near bokor mountain. This resort is quiet now as not so many people know this place and the entrance road is quiet and too far from the main. It's really need attention and development. It's Prek Romdoul Resort at Kampot Province in Cambodia.

Ever more visitors are being seduced, gently, by the charming riverside town of Kampot, with its relaxed atmosphere and one of Cambodia’s finest, if dilapidated, ensembles of French colonial architecture. Eclipsed as a port when Sihanoukville was founded in 1959, Kampot makes an excellent base for exploring Bokor National Park and the verdant coast east towards Vietnam, including Kep and several superb cave-temples. 

ne of the province's widely-known nature and wildlife preserves, Phnom Seda Orn is the ideal place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Adorned in untamed flora and fauna, Phnom Seda Orn should feature first and foremost in any tourist's itinerary.

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