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Sekong bridge ស្ពានសេកុង

location: stung treng
spans: sekong river
highway: national road 7, Sihanoukville-Phnom Penh-Vientiane-Kunming highway

Long Description:
As a gesture of friendship and mutual humanitarian care and concern the people of the People's Republic of China have constructed a bridge over the Mekong River, near the small city and provincial capital of Stung Treng, in north eastern Cambodia. 

This is labelled as a Camdodia–Chinese Friendship Bridge, and has the name "Sekong Bridge". Visually, the bridge is impressive. It stretches maybe a kilometre across and on either side of the Mekong. It also has night lighting (which the nearby city of Stung Treng does not have). The bridge is ~1 kilometre east of the city. 

One each side of the bridge is an identical date stone (at least in English, the Kymer text could conceivably vary beyond my ken of recognition). The date given is July 2007. Thus fairly new. It would have been interesting to watch the bridge being built. It is an interesting experience to walk across the bridge. There is very little traffic at this time, few locals have cars, and most traffic across the River is by ferry. The waymark was made at the southern (city side) date stone.

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