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Prasat Andet ប្រាសាទអណ្តែត

Prasat Andet means ‘floating temple’, and it rises up from a small hillock on the flood plains, which explains the name.

Consisting of a brick tower situated in a modern Buddhist temple in a village just off the highway, Prasat Andet is notable for the fact it’s some 1,400 years old. 

This early seventh century, Jayavarman I tower doesn’t have the well preserved carvings of Prasat Phum Prasat and Tnoat Chum but is famous for a spectacular Harihara statue originally found here but now housed in Phnom Penh’s National Museum.

How to get there
This site is around 30 kilometres west of Kompong Thom. To reach it take Highway 6 towards Siem Reap. The turn off (to the south) is after the town of Sankor (when heading towards Siem Reap) and the site is to the south off the main road, down a secondary track for around two kilometres then veer to the west.

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