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​Blue Mountain Waterfall​ ទឹកជ្រោះភ្នំខៀវ

Phnom Kieu Waterfall is an eco-tourism site and wildlife resort full of beautiful scenery with a clear waterfall.  The waterfall cascades down the mountainside and the local people call it the jungle waterfall because thick foliage surrounds the place where the waterfall is.  Generally people claim that it is the mountain from which the waterfall derives its name.  Others suggest that the clear water of the falls reflect the blue sky and hence the name. Many tourists want to trek to this mountain waterfall.  The path is a four to five km walk that curls around a small mountain into a lost jungle valley with views of the rain forest across the stream where you can listen to various birds’ calls and chirping. Trekking is a real pleasure here because on either side of you there are mountains and lovely valleys.  The slope is gradual and climbing it is rather easy. Once you reach the waterfalls the clear crystal water and the serene location will endear you.  It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in the Pailin area. It is about 19 km from the Resort.

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