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Kbal Damrey Waterfall​ ទឹកជ្រោះក្បាលដំរី

The Kbal Damrey waterfall is among the many pristine and beautiful waterfalls in Pailin. Take a walk off the beaten path and enjoy the peaceful ambiance nature activities, flagrant flora, and chirping birds that make your journey full of fond memories. Kbal Damrey waterfall sits in an unspoiled nature and wildlife preservation site. The waterfall creates a 30 meter high curtain-like flow. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful scenery and stunning vistas of the mountains that encircle Pailin. You can enjoy this pristine, secluded and unspoiled natural environment, among the serenity of the clear waterfall. Just a 7 kilometer drive from Memoria Palace, Kbal Damrey waterfall is a must see!

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