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2. Briefing about Pick-up & Drop-Off Services Booking

In this page, it is a Pick-up & Drop-Off Services Booking Page.

There are more than 100 destinations all around the Kingdom of Cambodia.

In order to reserve the Pick-up & Drop-Off Services (VIP Taxi Service), you are requested to please kindly select the following:

1. Select Pickup Date
2. Select Pickup Location
3. Select Drop-off Location
4. Select One-Way or Round-Trip taxi
5. Select Find Vehicle Available
6. Available Vehicles will be shown
7. Login or Register (Create an Account) or Have Account (If you had previously registered)
8. Confirm Payment
9. Payment
10. Finish

There will be an Invoice sent to your e-mail in the inbox to confirm that your service has completely reserved. 

Thank you very much indeed for your patience and understanding.

Yours truly,

Tan Lyna (Mrs)

Notice: - This service is applicable only from town to town. Beyond town, will be subject to the following extra charges, but before town there will be the same quoted price as indicated on the Booking Inovice:

1. $15.00/trip between 4km - 10km
2. $25.00/trip between 11km - 20km
3. $35.00/trip between 22km - 30km
4. $50.00/trip between 32km - 40km

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