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Welcome to Lyna-CarRental dot Com!

Firstly, we would like to profoundly express our great thanks for your support and it is a great honor to us.

In this connection, we would like to instruct you on how to do the booking or seeking the availability of the vehicles to suit to your budget from our modern Online Booking and Safe Online Paying website:

1. Go to Booking. In here, you will find many services, such as:

1.1. Car Rental Booking in which you could find a car for either a self-drive or take it with a supplied English Speaking Driver and there will also combining with Guide, and Products Rental.

1.2. Go to Car Rental Booking - you’ll find vehicles at your budget 

1.2.1. Go to Book Now
1.2.2. Select Date|Time plus Locations you would like to use 
1.2.3. Select Find Vehicle Now
1.2.4. In there the Vehicle’s Photos shown – Select one at your budget –
1.2.5. There will be reaching to Product and Service, from there you may select: SELF-DRIVE or CHAUFFEUR and then go to Products (Tick in a box and key in quantity of products you would like to take Go to Continue – then it will go to Personal Information, such as:

1.2.6. Key in User Name and Password are required. In the case that you have never login from the first start or have never had one before, just go to
1.2.7. Create Account
1.2.8. Otherwise, Login straight away
1.2.9. Then it moves to Personal Info (check the box (I agree to the Terms & Conditions))
1.2.10. Go to Continue -  then go to
1.2.11. Confirm Booking
1.2.12. Select Confirm  – You will ask to select the mode of payment comprising of
1.2.13. VISA CARD,
1.2.14. WESTERN UNION, and
1.2.15. ACLEDA UNITY for people residing in Cambodia).

You may have to follow the same instructions to:

2.Taxi Service Booking! In here, you could do a selection the location where you would like to go around more than 42 places.

3. City Tour Service Booking! In here, there will be many interesting places in each of the 25-provinces and municipalities around Cambodia where you would like to explore for relaxation on your vacation.

4. Products Rental Booking! In here, there will some other necessary products you may additionally require to use, such as: Child Car Seat, Baby Stroller, GPS Navigator, Cell Phone, SIM Card for Cell Phone, Power Bank for Mobile Device charging, and CAM Car DVR etc . . .

Lyna-CarRental dot Com looks forward to having a great opportunity to fruitfully and memorably serving you in the near future.

Should you require any further information or not understanding to any point mentioned on these instructions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal.

Yours truly,

Lyna-CarRental dot Com Management Team
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